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Continuous Improvement: Perfecting AI through Collaborative Feedback

Our process doesn’t stop at deployment. Each GPT undergoes rigorous training, crafted and continually refined through the insights and practical feedback of over 150 HR managers. This collaboration has allowed us to identify and empirically understand the primary areas where HR teams experience significant time losses due to repetitive tasks.

By focusing on these critical areas, we ensure that our AI solutions are not only innovative but directly address the real, everyday challenges faced by HR professionals.


Tailored Support and Customization

In addition to AI technology, Clarify offers a level of personalized support rarely seen in the technology industry.

The value we bring is not only related to the GPT itself, but increases tremendously through our process of customizing the product to the specific needs of the business.

In fact, through the audit process, we go on to define the customization areas of our proprietary GPT and, after the work of adapting and training the same, we deliver it to the company in various forms:

  • APIs for integration on proprietary platforms
  • Clarify’s proprietary platform
  • GPT Store

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