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Simplify HR Queries, Enhance Employee Satisfaction

How it works

HR Administration

This GPT was created for the purpose of streamlining HR administration by handling recurring questions on vacation, payroll, and benefits.

It automates FAQs, improves information accessibility, reduces workloads and increases employee satisfaction, allowing the HR team to focus on more strategic tasks.

HR department

Resolve 80% of Repetitive Queries

With Clarify you can solve up to 80% of the repetitive questions asked by employees.

Your busy teams no longer have to answer the same questions over and over again, but can focus on what really matters to improve employee engagement and satisfaction.


Increase Employee Support and Happiness

Using Clarify, employees no longer have to follow endless streams of emails to get a precise answer to their doubts or questions.

Rather, they will be able to ask as many questions as they want to a personalized assistant tailored to them, everyday at all hours.

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