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Let AI Take
the Repetitive Tasks out of HR Operations

HR teams and managers spend 80% of their time on repetitive administative tasks.

With Clarify, it can be 0%.

Guided by 150+ HR professionals, we've crafted AI solutions that streamline HR tasks and free up your team for strategic initiatives.

What we do

Creating, Training, and Implementing Customized AI-Powered Virtual Assistants for HR

At Clarify, we’ve engineered a software and a framework that enables the creation, training, and deployment of customized AI-powered virtual assistants designed to significantly reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks.

Each assistant is tailored and trained by us to meet the specific needs of your company before being implemented seamlessly into your daily operations.


HR managers spend 93% of their time on repetitive tasks

How much valuable time is wasted on tasks that could be automated or simplified?

Time Saving with Clarify
0 %

Routine time-wasters for HR

Aswering FAQ

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Answering frequently asked questions from employees about: Company policies, Vacation procedures, Payroll details and more 


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Handling a high volume of irrelevant applications, requiring extensive filtering and screening hours.


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Repetition and adaptation of standardized onboarding processes that do not consider the individual needs of new employees.

Coaching and Training

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Supporting employees by providing and updating training materials during and after sessions to ensure constant access and application of information.


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Collecting, analyzing large volumes of HR data and identifying solution strategies for identified problems, a slow and laborious process that requires extensive time dedication.

Our Assistants

We built 5 different GPTs to minimize HR time wasting and help them focus on strategic activities

Administration FAQ

Support employees in administrative matters with an assistant available 24/7.


Automate and refine candidate selection, interpreting the nuances of experience and skills in line with the specific requirements of the role and corporate culture.


Build a tailor-made reception for each new entry, customized to their specific role, background and training needs.

Coaching & Training

Providing support to employees during and after a training course, maximizing its yield and facilitating accessibility to information and content.


Managing the data collected to extract trends and make accurate predictions, moving from a reactive to a predictive approach, and enabling business leaders to make choices based on empirical foundations derived from the scientific literature.

Implementing Our Solutions in Your Company

1. Audit

In-depth analysis of the business by identifying needs and areas of support

2. Assistant creation

Clarify creates, trains and customizes one or more assistants for the company's needs

3. Referent training

The Clarify team directly trains a contact person in the company, making the customization of subsequent assistants autonomous

4. Implementation

Implementation of GPT within the company via the Clarify platform or through other required integrations.

5. Monitoring and Support

Clarify continues to monitor GPT performance, ensuring that automation is always aligned with business objectives, making changes to further optimize efficiency, and assisting those who use it.

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